Salads / Ensaladas

Ensalada Reveuelta: cripsy romaine, tomatoes, cucumber, jicama & pepers tossed with creamy cilantro dressing 5.25
Ensalada Cesar: crispy romaine, creamy anchovy dressing, croutons and cheese 5.95
With Chicken 11.95
Ensalada Repollo: green cabbage, red onion and tomatoes, with jalapeno vinaigrette 4.95
Soups / Sopas
Pozole Rojo con Pollo Y Puerco: hominy soup with chicken and pork topped with cabbage and radishes 5.95
Sopa del Dia: today's soup 5.25

Main Entrees / Platillos Fuertes

/w House Salad or cup of Soup of the Day add $1.50
All dishes come with flour or corn tortillas

Paella de Pollo con Crema y Queso: sauteed chicken, onion and peppers, with rice in a light cream sauce topped with cheese 14.95
Chicken Veracruz: marinated charbroiled chicken brest topped with fresh chopped salsa, avacado, olives and melted cheese, served with rice and beans 14.95
Carne Asada: thinly sliced charbroiled steak, served with rice, mixed beans soup and grilled onions 14.95
Carnitas: slow roasted pork, served with rice, beans, pico de gallo and guacamole 14.50
Lomo Adobado: marinated pork loin with chile and spices, served with white rice and mixed bean soup 14.50
Milanesa: sauteed breaded steak, served with black beans and white rice, garnished with pico de gallo and fresh lime 15.25
Carne en su Jugo: thin slices of beef cooked in it's own juices and tomatillo sauce, garnished with bacon, cilantro, onion and serrano chile, served with mixed bean soup 14.95
Pechuga de Pollo a la Diabla: marinated charbroiled chicken breast with hot peppers and citrus juices, served with rice, beans and topped with spicy sauce 14.75
Chile Rojo: chunks of beef in a red chile sauce, served with rice and beans 14.25
Chile Verde: chunks of pork in a tomatillo chile sauce, served with rice and beans 14.25


All Burriots stuffed with Rice, Beans and Topped with Sauce
With Lettuce, Cheese and Guacamole Add $1.00

Ground Beef: topped with enchilada sauce 9.25
Carnitas: roasted pork topped with tomatillo sauce 9.50
Carne Asada: charbroiled steak topped with fresh pico de gallo 9.75
Chile Verde: chunks of pork topped with green chile sauce 9.50
Chile Colorado: chunks of tender beef topped with red chile sauce 9.50
Burrito de Pollo: citrus marinated charbroiled chicken breast toppped with enchilada sauce 10.75
Vegetarian: rice, black beans, lettuce and tomatoes topped with cheese and red sauce 9.25
Shredded Beef: topped with enchilada sauce 9.50
Shredded Chicken: topped with enchilada sauce 9.50
Rice and Beans: topped with cheese and enchilada sauce 8.75


With House Salad or cup fo the Soup of the Day Add $1.95
All Combinations include: Rice and choice of Refried or Black Beans
(Please Order by Number)
Substitutions are Subject to a Price Change

1. Two Cheese Enchiladas  10.25
2. Chile Relleno & Cheese Enchilada 10.95
3. Chile Verde Tamal & Beef Taco 10.75
4. Chicken Enchilada & Beef Tostada 10.75
5. Zucchini Quesadilla & Mushroom Quesadilla 10.95
6. Trio de Taquitos: Potato, Beef & Chicken (Guacamole Add $.75) 10.95
7. Chicken Tostada & Beef Taco 10.75
8. Two Beef or Two Chicken Enchiladas 10.95
9. Trio of hard shell Tacos: Potato, Beef & Chicken 11.75
10. Cheese Quesadilla & Two Potato Taquitos (Guacamole Add $.75) 11.50
11. Chile Verde Tamal & Chile Rojo Tamal 11.50
12. Chile Relleno & Chicken Tostada 11.25
13. Two Potato Taquitos & Chile Relleno (Guacamole Add $.75) 11.25
14. Mushroom Quesadilla & Two Cheese Enchiladas 11.50
15. Three hard shell Tacos: Bean, Potato & Beef 11.25
16. Two Cheese Enchiladas & One Beef or Chicken Taco 11.50
17. One Beef or Chicken Enchilada 9.50
18.One Carnitas Taco with Guacamole 9.95
19. Two Ground Beef Enchiladas & Cheese Enchilada 11.50
20. Two Chile Rellenos 12.75
21. One Beef or Chicken Taco 9.25
22. Cheese Enchilada, Beef or Chicken Taco, & Chile Verde Tamal 11.50
23. Chicken Tostada and Two Beef or Chicken Taquitos (Guacamole Add $.75) 11.50
24. Chile Rojo Tamal & Chile Relleno 11.50
25. One Beef or Chicken Taco, Chile Rojo Tamal & Chile Verde Tamal 11.95

A La Carte

Taco……..Carnitas or Carne Asada Add $.50 3.25
Chile Relleno 4.75
Tamal 4.25
Tostada........with carnitas or carne asada add $ .50 4.50
Small Mushroom or Zucchini Quesadilla 4.25
Cheese Enchilada or Cheese Quesadilla 3.95
Beef or Chicken Enchilada 4.25
Guacamole Seasonal Price
Rice 3.50
Beans 3.50
Flour Tortillas (3) 0.75
Corn Tortillas (4) 0.75
Side of Sour Cream 0.75
Extra Salsa (4oz.) 0.40
Extra Cheese 0.50
Add Sour Cream 0.40
Add Sauce 0.40
Extra Chips (To Go) 0.75


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, & Orange 2.75
Roy Rogers or Shirley Temple 2.75
Iced Tea 2.75
Coffee 2.75
Agua Fresca del Dia 2.75
Milk 2.75
Domestic Beers 3.95
Imported Beers 4.95
Non-Alcoholic Beers 3.95
Our Fresh Desserts are made Daily and are available for Take Out.
We offer a variety of Beers, Wines, and Wine Based Margaritas
for our Dining room customers only.

17244 Downey Ave
Bellflower, CA 90706


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